Zillennial culture is the era where we communicate through vine references and memes. If you can’t understand the vine references, are you really a zillennial?

When the majority of your daily activities include spending time on the internet, you have access to pretty much everything. That includes being aware of social issues, the news happening around the world, and knowledge you don’t normally get from books.

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While we can engage in intellectual conversations, we also have a side of us that can understand senseless humor. Most of this humor comes from the infamous Vine app (which technically shut down last year)

So to help you understand us better, we’re linking some of the most iconic vines that we live and swear by.

1. “It’s a avocado!”

2. Kyle

3. Jared

4. Roommates

5. Two Bros

6. Miss Keisha

7. Imma Bad Bish

8. Good Evening

9. “I want to be famous.”

10. Rat vine

11. Gavin

12. “What?”

13. “So no head?”

14. “Whoever threw that paper”

15. Kermit

16. “wOw”

17. “It don’t bite”

18. “Fresh Avocado”

19. “Daddy?”

20. “Why are you runnin’?”

What are your favorite vines? Let us know if we’ve missed any by sharing this post! 

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