Setting Your Website Up For Marketing Automation


Are you wondering how you can set up your site for marketing automation? The ability to make core processes in your business run automatically is vital – doubly so if your enterprise is a startup company. As the founder and owner, you likely have to fill many different roles for your business to run smoothly.

Finding the time to perform all the tasks that you need to accomplish in the course of a day, may be a never-ending challenge. Yet, you can’t afford to have your marketing efforts flag – as bringing in new customers is the lifeblood of your fledgling outfit. Here are two ways you can automate your online marketing efforts to a large degree, without an extensive budget or a great deal of technical skill.

Strategy #1: Email Capture and Campaign.

This method is known to online marketers the world over, and it’s extremely popular today. There is good reason for its widespread use – this approach can help to significantly increase your rate of closed sales. This technique works by enticing visitors to give you their email address, by offering them some type of value in return. Most commonly, this is promised as information which you’ll send to their email, which can be profitable to them in some way.

Once you have their email address in hand, the next step is to carry out an email campaign. The frequency in which your messages appear in their inbox is at your discretion, and you may opt for daily or weekly (or any other interval) emails to your new prospect. The goal is to continue adding value for free, so you can build a relationship over the long term. This makes it far easier to close the sale, especially since the number of unique impressions it takes before the average customer buys has increased exponentially in recent years.

While this may sound like a lot of work – and it is – once the email campaign has been written, this process requires no further input. In other words, every new visitor who provides you with their email address, will get the preset campaign without you having to create anything new. Keep in mind for continuous content, you’ll have to keep writing emails – but again this goes into the system for new prospects to receive automatically.

Strategy #2: Social Media Scheduled Posting.

Though this is often termed social media automation, that isn’t entirely accurate. A clearer explanation is that this type of software provides a platform, from which you can write posts ahead of time and schedule them for future upload. This allows you to jump in and create many different social media posts (or even reposting or sharing of other’s content) when it’s convenient for your schedule.

Being able to handle a week or two of social media interaction at a time and then forgetting about this task for a while, can free up your schedule for other more pressing tasks. These social media management programs also enable you to see all of your various accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc) all in one convenient location.

Since marketing your business effectively typically involves extensive use of social media (depending upon your particular market niche), this type of leverage in the process makes it possible to set it and then forget it.

These two strategies will help to leverage the time you spend on your marketing efforts, by adding in a measure of automation for maximum impact. They also make it easier to keep your marketing communications consistent – which is key for creating a strong impression in prospect’s minds. You don’t have to be overly tech savvy either, as it’s possible to add a sleek email capture prompt to your site easily with the right website building program. This Websitebuilder review covers which options provide different features, so you can learn which program will help you most with your automation objectives.

Overall, marketing automation doesn’t mean you’ll never have to give any attention to this area of your business. It’s all about reducing the time invested, creating a consistent experience for every new prospect, eliminating repetition of the same task and giving you a platform to easily track your projects and progress. All of these advantages can greatly benefit your new business, making marketing automation a worthwhile investment for your enterprise.


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