18 Effective Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook

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With over 2.13 billion active monthly users worldwide, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform year after year. And while the beginning of 2018 has seen the network’s trust put into question amid a large-scale data breach, projections still see Facebook’s user base increasing well into 2019. In short, Facebook remains an unbeatable force in the digital (and social) sphere.

Taking advantage of Facebook’s resources used to be a simple formula: post frequently, engage occasionally, and expect your customers or clients to follow on your brand’s journey. This is not the case in today’s highly-competitive landscape.

Setting goals specific for Facebook has become increasingly important. While these may vary according to industry, the three main goals to keep in mind are: to increase Facebook “likes”, to improve engagement, and to increase sales. These big three are umbrella goals that should be monitored frequently. If you’re unsure of where to begin, we’re here to help. Here are 18 ways to help you work towards your goals of growing your business with Facebook:

1. Email existing prospects
2. Embed a website plugin
3. Create a landing page that encourages “likes”
4. Create exclusive content that’s only available when you “like” a page
5. Partner with influencers
6. Join Facebook groups and share your content
7. Embed email subscriptions into your Facebook page
8. Conduct polls
9. Share your blogs and any relevant news
10. Respond in a timely manner
11. Run a Facebook offer or competition
12. Share your SlideShare presentations
13. Consider an F-Commerce function
14. Share your visual media
15. Boost your posts
16. Use Facebook ads
17. Post at the appropriate time
18. Consider marketing automation


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