The State of Enterprise SEO


Ranking factors in Search are constantly evolving. SEO teams are busy monitoring and adopting them constantly. We picked data from a survey, conducted by Northstar, across the US that uncovers some of the current realities and trends in SEO at the moment.

The report included the following stats:

  • More than half of the surveyed enterprises spend more than $5,000 a month on SEO.
  • For nearly 40% of respondents, Content Development was the most pressing SEO issue in 2018.
  • Google Analytics is the most used tool for monitoring and dissecting traffic.
  • Technical onsite optimization was the most successful SEO strategy over the past 12 months across organizations.
  • Demonstrating ROI and securing SEO talent are both an obstacle for in-house and agency SEO specialists.
  • Page speed and indexation are the top technical concerns for SEO teams.

Let’s have a look at the findings of the research conducted by Northstar, in terms of spending & priorities, strategies & challenges and measurement & analysis parameters in this infographic below:




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