3 Best Free Apps to Position Growth For Startups


Different apps can be used for different purposes, and for some businesses, both cost and quality are substantial issues.

We can guarantee that while reading this blog, there is a strong chance at least one app is open either on your phone or your computer?

It’s hard to do without apps these days, and with more of the world becoming digitalized, the big question, however, is not whether you should be using tools, but what matters is which ones you use and when.

Also, the problem is not choosing which app to use; the real dilemma is, there are a wide variety of choices, which apps to use as the best or most practical solution.


Zapier is one of the best, and most effective apps to incorporate automation into your workflow. It connects all your favorite apps. Every lead and contact is integrated together in one system by setting this up.  There are a 1000 tools, as a choice, and customizable actions and triggers which can easily automatic routine manual processes.

Example: For Hubspot, Zapier has helped to seemingly distribute data, between all of its systems, and also the built-in in-house processes. It helps in amazingly saving time and cost. Take only a few minutes to build.

Uber Conference

Schedule time for prospect meetings.

In-advance reminders on your phone and emails, before the actual conference call.

Caller’s information is sent straight to your phone or email, so you can also dial them, at your ease.


You can now manage the events you want to attend, in the most hassle-free way. The entire process is smooth and simple, and so useful even for lead generation and nurturing – post events. It’s highly recommended – helps you find, develop, control, and promote different kinds of activities, freely.

Using this app, professionals can search for upcoming events in their industry, country or city-wise, in various locations, dates, and timings.

How can you use it?

An upcoming regional event can be set-up

It keeps a record how your contacts have engaged with your business previously. You can further utilize these interactions in a meaningful way for trade and other business operations – just perhaps, to build a reliable official network.

Even after the event, workflows, and lists can be developed. All the information can be synced from Eventbrite – there is a high chance that via re-engagements, those who attended can be converted to customers more efficiently.

Winding Up

So for your startup business, iof your thinking to up your game the right way, start by using any of these three apps, although the market is flooded with many others, according to different categories – what matters is how it makes a difference in your business structure – so make their right use at the right time.


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