Pre-menstrual Syndrome – 10 Causes with Home Remedies


Generation Z adolescence teenage groups are found being worried about teenage pms symptoms followed by acute pain with inexplicable discomfiture.  Experts of American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists or ACOG define the PMS as the prominent medical condition faced by teens to have different types of somatic disorders before the start of the menstruation cycle. This cyclic imbalance happens within five days of menstruation.  There are 10 major causes of pms and DIY
natural remedies for pms cramps.

New Study to Find Causes of PMS

Frankly speaking, KhonKaen University Ethics Committee associates selected a group of 10 high school teens (15-18 years) for trials and medical tests.  They had regular menstrual cycles ranging from 21-35 days.  Before this span of menstruation took place, participants were recruited to dictate their problems prior to the menstruation. However, patients with pre-existing diseases like asthma, autoimmune hazards, and onsets of epileptic syndrome and episodes of hormonal secretion from thyroid gland were not permitted to join the camp.  Experts prepared medical reports to relocate top 10 causes of pre-menstrual disorder of teens. Teenager crying for no reason was also tracked by medical team. Findings also uncovered prominent symptoms of depression, endometriosis andinflammation of pelvis.  So, outpatient care program has given 10 DIY home remedies to help high school girls to avoid health related disorders comfortably. These professional healthcare consultants also provide world class natural remedies for menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding.


  • Imbalance in Estrogen and Progesterone Causes PMS

The lining of female uterus looks thick with slight protrusion because of the release of hormone. At the same time, eggs coming from the ovary meet sperm. Maybe, the biological process enhances the fluctuation in the production of estrogen and progesterone. The decrease or deceleration of estrogen seems to impact health of a teenage girl in negative way.  Increase in the progesterone level mobilizes the occurrenceof pre-menstrual syndrome. Qualitative pms medication over the counteris the answer to the female patient. However, herbal tea for menstrual cramps is another easy remedy to an 11 years teen.


  • Bloating and Disorder in Cycle of Serotonin Secretion

Experts have given a conciseroadmap highlighting high risk areas to stimulate premenstrual disease before the normal menses or periods.  Bloating and awkward release of Serotonin may gear up possibility of pre-menstrual syndrome. Besides, over excess fluid discharge is also one of the causes of this physical disorder. Teens have mood swings and low energy to experience at this stage. They need to search for productive teenage pms remedies.


  • Overweight –Cause of Premenstrual Syndrome

Obese teens need to be worried if they are not physically fit. Their nightmarish encounter with cons of overweight must lead them to have fatigue, stress, anxiety and exhaustion.  So, collective feedback is very cumbersome as it can induce symptomsof mildto severe pre-menstrual syndrome. Home remedy for them is to check BMI rates to have low carb food with weight loss supplement to check pre-menstrual issue.


  • Uncontrollable Eating Habit

Though there is no specific proof whether over-eating can be a main  inducer to fertilize the causes of pre-menstrual disease, experts have warned  young adolescent girls not to take spicy food which have carbohydrate. Besides, alcohol consumption is another negative element to add miseries to victims who have tendency to undergo pre-menstrual aching. Remedies are simple and cost effective.  Regular fitness workouts or exercises plus compact low carb dietary plan save teens from embarrassment.

  • Over Consumption of Caffeine

If teens have hidden anxiety or emotional disturbance, they have to negotiate with pain and uneasiness.  Pre-menstrual syndrome long lasts in the event of powerful effect of caffeine. It boosts up the stress. Even, insomnia, irritation and breast loosing or fibrocystic inflammation are present due to the pre-menstruation syndrome. Therefore, solution given by gynecologists lies in the control of caffeine intake.  Teens should not take caffeine in over dosage. It is one of natural remedies for pms cramps.


  • Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamins deficiency delays the removal of acute clinical condition in which teens fall during 14 days long pre-menstrual syndrome. So, Vitamin B6 enhances the rise in production of phytoestrogens.  So, dieters must need yams, leafy greens/legumes and soy to decelerate the effect of PRS.

  • High Volume of Salt in the Food-Negative Component

In the absence of hygienic potassium in the food is bad. In addition, taking salt in high percentage reduces the renal functionality to a great extent. So, the arithmetic is that the fluid production in the body becomes frequent to maximize the chances of occurrence of premenstrual syndrome. Over fluid   should be controlled to have propersafeguards. Steering clear of salty and spicy food is a notion of preventing pre-menstrual syndrome.  Healthcare professionals prescribe natural supplements for teenage hormonesto wipe out pms cramps.


  • Low Magnesium Level

The deficiency or loss of magnesium indicates the arrival of pre-menstruation syndrome.  The amount of magnesium in blood is low. It causes abnormality in the functionality of cells. So, patients should have good and immediate remedy to enhance the normalcyin availability of magnesium. Teens are advised to consume magnesium supplements. Multivitamins tablets and pyridoxine capsules restore health of an adolescent teen overpowering the side effects of pre-menstrual syndrome.

  • Cigar Smoking – Greater Cause of Pre-menstrual Disease


The toxic component in cigarette dampens nervous system of a girl. It also damages the immune system as well. The depletion of energy occurs to determine the attack of pre-menstrual syndrome. So, teens have to practice how to stop smoking to expect quick relief from disastrous premenstrual syndrome.


  • Chaste-berry for PMS

Chasteberry for PMS stabilizes the prolactin secretion in the body. Chateberry is very useful to lessen the amount of this component. It helps a teenager to have smooth menstruation or periods with comfort.


Top notch 10 causes and solutions for tackling Pre-menstrual syndrome are helpful to energetic teens who want painless lifestyles to be happy. Online free pms supplements reviews act give period pain relief for 11 year old girl.


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