How Programmatic & Creativity Can Help Alleviate The CMO’s Top 10 Pain Points



In this eBook, Admedo partnered with Cablato, Dynamic Creative Personalisation Platform, to address the top 10 pain points experienced by marketers, with a remedy for each one.

The role of the CMO has drastically changed from the brand keeper of the past to the beast it is today. Nowadays a CMO is under greater pressure to justify marketing activity and prove ROI and effectiveness. The digital landscape is changing. The way media is being consumed and the proliferation of channels has led to an abundance of data, and it is up to marketing leaders to consolidate and activate it.

You will:

  • Discover what pain points are most prevalent to CMOs and senior marketers, and the programmatic cures to ease the pain
  • Learn how key industry trends are shaping marketing practices and the ad tech landscape
  • Get practical and actionable insight from success stories on the most effective ways of activating programmatic into your marketing mix


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