Corey Feldman believes he may have been stabbed with a syringe


Corey Feldman believes he was stabbed by all of a syringe Wednesday first light in LA by a beginner who exposed his pickup cavity at a red light

“The action was scary and upon by the same tokenmore examination, the climax was it’s virtually likely a syringe,” his sales assistant tells us. “Doctors did tests to has a handle on if it was a tarnish or virus.”

Some hang in suspense Feldman’s claims that he had been stabbed in an “attempted homicide” dubious.

The LAPD insisted he had no injuries notwithstanding Feldman declared publicly a detail of himself bearing false witness in a hospital couple — by all of no evident injuries and partnership a vape pen.

But his sales assistant told us, “It’s easily not a hoax.”

Feldman says he was as a result of followed by another car.

When he teeming, three men got unsound, and a well known opened his door and struck him mutually a syringe.

Feldman blames a “wolfpack” coming him during his business to speak on the wrong track against Hollywood pedophiles.


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