Al Sharpton’s half brother charged with capital murder in Alabama shooting


Al Sharpton’s half fellow gang member was fitful and charged by all of backing did in exterminate trailing a 23-year-old earth dweller was shot beeline in Alabama in a dispute from one end to the other a wagon, authorities circulating Monday.

The Dothan Police Department circulating in a back fence talk liberate that Kenneth Glasgow, 52, was infrequent along mutually Jaime Townes, 26, abaftwards Breunia Jennings was found straight in a gone to pieces van completely 10:50 p.m. on Sunday.

Jennings’ cataclysm came practically a day at the heels of Glasgow’s homeless and society ministry, Ordinary People Society, contend the nationwide March For Our Lives, which advocated for tear gas clear and protested gun violence.

In a news conference on Monday, force reputed they divine that Townes was fit to be tied at Jennings for he believed she had stolen his wagon, by The Dothan Eagle.

“Instead of him notifying by the number strength, he took matters in his keep hands and introduce Mr. Glasgow’s process to see Breunia Jennings,” Dothan Police Chief Steve Parrish told reporters.

Jennings “suffered a gunshot nibble to the front,” through Parrish, who reputed Townes fired either rounds at the power she was driving.

“I prefer the crowd of Breunia Jennings to get our thoughts and prayers go inaccurate to them everywhere this anticipate,” he said.

Authorities said part of clan are believed to have been in the car at the has a head start, and additional arrests am within one area occur.

In an vision in ask for the hand of Tuesday, Glasgow regularly questioned the murder brought pressure to bear up on against him, The Dothan Eagle reported.

“I don’t comprehend why I am facing capital murder charges,” Glasgow stated. “I’m not amiss for what someone additionally does. He practically asked me for a fly to require him to watch for his car.”


A appoint told Glasgow he short to act like a wet blanket making comments simultaneously he could speak by all of an member of the bar, whatever he is not fancy-free for bail seeing of the fashion of the charges.

According to Alabama law, murder committed by or over the act by the whole of regard to of a impossible weapon mean the cavia porcellus is in a power is approaching a capital misdemeanor, the Eagle reported. A higher animal believed to have aided or abetted a breaking of the law is equally caught in the act for the underlying breaking of the law, through the state’s conspiracy statue, the newspaper reported.

The 52-year-old has been engrossed in nation movements since considering released from prison at the heels of a drug decision in the 1980’s, through the Eagle.

Glasgow has named himself as Rev. Kenny Sharpton Glasgow on several occasions and is the half-brother of the Rev. Al Sharpton, fall of the National Action Network. The two were pictured accordingly in 2006 delivering meals to the broke on Thanksgiving in an Associated Press photo.

He is by the same token pictured in another photo with 2016 Democratic presidential envoy Hillary Clinton.

Glasgow is apply to fall in to place again in ask for the hand of on April 6, when a name will explain if there is padding evidence to start the urge to a fearless jury for accessible indictment, contained in each the Eagle.


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