What is Domain or web site adress


+-There are lots of person do not know what what is domain and how it work on internet and what people do for business. It is very easy to know, when you type in google http://forupon.com/ or on browser called domain and also know as web site adress.

What is Sub Domain

It is the part of original website and anyone can create subdomain from own domain but you must add your domain in hosting and create sub-domain from your own site. you can create lotsof sub-domains as you want. There is no restriction on create more subdomains.

Different Between Domain and Subdomain

Lots of people know domain but do not know subdomain because they do not have knowledge on subdomain. We are solving your problem, you know www.oonfun.com is domain but its sub domain will be news.oonfun.com Or in other words when you used word before start of your original domain called subdomain.

Why Subdomains are not papuler as Domain

This is very common question because people do not like subdomain as domain like because sub-domain post will not be index faster as domain post index in google but it is still effective because it can index in google and free back link will be available for you easily.

How to Get Sub-domian Free

There are lots of people how have no money but they want to work on website, SEO, online money want to earn. They use sub-domain for fulfil their requirement and type in google subdomain list, free blog posting sites list and many more and you will see lots of subdomain provider websites.

List of Sub-domains

There are lots of subdomain sites in google for you and you save in your sheet and create free back links for your own websites. SO it is tottly free way of back linking and your website can get good position in google.













When you want to use above domains, you do not need web hosting to buy because these websites provide you web hosting space and subdomain but both things will be free and you can make online money easily after using adsense on subdomains.

These are all the 2018 popular free subdomain posting sites for your back links needs. Most of these sub-domains sites are completely free to use to create your own subdomain from some sites also and frequently posting your ideas and various forum posts.


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