Why People Fail in Blogging Must Read


When Blogging Start, Histroy of Blogging

Blog posting is one of the leading weapon for improve ranking in SEO but in past, it was just a platform where people can share their thought, views, expression and story but now it has become the identity of business man because man permote his website in google for the help if improve ranking. Blogging was introduced in late 1990.

Read following Benefit of Blogging

There are some beenfit of blog posting because of its use in large scale of people, 1 – A blog can easily improve your website SEO very fast and solid way. 2 – Web site get ranking in google easily. 3 – can generat keyword ranking and traffic in google. But keep in mind blog content must be unique and quality because low level of content google will not accept for top position.

Is Your Own Blog on Hosting Useful Or Free Blog

Lots of people create free blogs and get link on it but it is not good for ranking in google so much. On the other hand, your blog is hosted on your own hosting is more useful because it can get good ranking in google for you only. Free blog on any other domain such as blogspot, wordpress and other sites will be not effective becaye al benefit will go to these sites, blogspot and words andthese sites will be permote not your website. So always create blog on your site like if you website is oonfun.com then must create oonfun.com/blog or create subdomain on it like news.oonfun.com. All are sample of your own hosted blog.

Can Good Content Make Blog More Effective

Content is one of the best tool in SEO for increase ranking in google and withour good content anyone can not get visitors or catch readers. Effctive content can create good impect on visitors. What qualities must be possed in your content read follow, 1 – Title of your content must be very interesting for readers 2 – Introduction must well writen but short 3 – Give the answer of all question of readers 4 – Post summery at the end of all your subject 5 – English must be good and you have total skill on writing content 6 – Must send to your teacher for profwriting before publsihed on your site. 7 – Write on current condision because it will catch visitors on your blog.

Which things Can Make Blog Bad in Reader Eyes

There are lots of mistake which can create bad impect on the eyes on reader and blog owner should not use following things, 1 – Long introduction can boor reader 2 – Lack of information on written subject will be not good 3 – You not be able of solve problem without information 4 – Bad heading of all catagory can create bad impect on reader 5 – Withour summery at then end, your article will be look so bad.

Summery of Above Above All

Without blogging, you cn not increase ranking in google and you need good content for it also. Well written content always make blog effective for reader but blog must be hosted on your own hosting.


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