Why Do-follow Link Accept and No-follow Link not followed By Google


History of Free and Paid Links

In past there are lots of popel get link with exchnage method because in this case webs ite ranking was increased very fast but with no money involved. People only create website and post some content and start exchnage link with each other for getting page rank which was very simple way.

How Has Changed Link Exchnage Method

Google is one of the leading search engine and it chnaged its policy day by day or month by month or may be year by year but its main aim to provide good information to thier visitors and also increase the papularity of google search engine more then yahoo, bing and other. Due to good policy of google , it has successed in this purpose and now it has monopoly in the world over the all search engine even on yahoo and bing too. Back to the pont, when google saw people increasing ranking with black hat SEO they changed thier policy and ban black hat SEO, it caused lots of websites de-index and money of lots of people money waist. But also lots of good paid linkers failed in this business because of changed policy of google in 2011.

How Paid Links Method Stoped

When google changed thier policy for Black hat SEO, Its main aim to stop people to get free back link and also paid links because there were lots of company who get paid links from people ‘ websites and increase their ranking in google and not got ads from google. After the implement of new policy in 2011, lots of people involved in geeting google adwords with price and this policy worked for google.

What is Do-follow link and Sample

In the early days, people do not what type of link it is and how can check it is dofollow link, solving you prople and read defination of do-follow link,”When you create HTML code for link without nofollow tag called dofollow link”, in other words, in the absense of nofollow tag link will be called dofollow.

Sample of Dofollow Link

Dofollow link is very easy to create in HTML code and follow our sample for recongnization of link, “http://blogpostingsiteslist.com”>blog posting sites list

See Above Dofollow Sample

After see above HTML code you can understand easily about how look do-follow link and you must know about do-follow link because when you buy blog post some website hayper link with nofolow link which google not accpet and google only follow dofollow link. Increase of website ranking always come due to dofollow links method used.

Advantages of Dofollow Link

Google do not follow nofollow link because nofollow tag guide google search engine not to follow our link and people wh buy post may not be able to increase ranking due to nofollow link but only benefit is to get visitor for this link.

Defination of Nofollow link and Its Sample

“With ths use of nofollow tag in HTML code your link will be called nofollow”. You can say with we create hayper HTML link code you used also mention nofollow tag in code, this hayper link will be nofollow and google will not follow link.

Nofollow Link Sample

We will simple guide you with sample of nofollow link HTML code please see and understand how look nofollow html code, http://www.blogpostingsiteslist.com” rel=”nofollow”>Blogging sites list

Nofollow HTML Code Sample

In the above code, you can see “rel=”nofollow” tag which will make your link noffolow and you will be not able to get ranking in google because of nofollow tag.

Disadvantages Of Nofollow Link

With the use of rel=”nofollow tag, google will not follow your link because of back link count zero in google so it is the big disadvantage of your link.

Concolusion of Dofollow and Nofollow Link

Google only be follow dofollow link and when you buy post only link sould be do-follow, other wise you money will be lost in case of nofollow link.

List of Dofollow Blogs

There are lots of websites which offer link on subdmain and some nofollow both are not good but you can see our dofollow blog list 2017 which wil 80% link will be dofollow when yoy use our dofollow blog posting list.

list of all dofollow blogs 2017

    • here. and get free links for your website.

You can see above our papuler do-follow blog list 2017 and it will increase to get free dofollow back links and also increase ranking in google with out spending money


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