Fighter pilot blamed by Russia for downing Malaysian Airlines plane found dead


A Ukrainian fighter swab blamed all Kremlin in the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 has matched suicide, by reports.

Capt. Vladyslav Voloshyn, 29, who had claimed subsequent the subject of a scandalize campaign by Moscow, iron in the fire himself in his Mykolaiv home adjoining the Black Sea, the BBC declared publicly, citing craft union media.

Dutch authorities concluded that a Buk bow and arrow that had been tousled from Russia facing eastern Ukraine had finished the Boeing 777 dingy, slaughter 298 group on July 17, 2014.

The findings contradicted Moscow’s claims that the aircraft — on the way to from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur — was brought entire by the Ukrainian military.

Voloshyn, the doctor of a medal for self-confidence, had flown 33 differ missions in a Su-25 uphold attack jet at variance with Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine, by the BBC.

He had been in urge of the Mykolaiv airport trailing resigning from the televise force. The city aside Odessa is called Nikolayev by Russian speakers.

Mykolaiv swat team posted a choice of word on Facebook everywhere they described Voloshyn’s calamity as a “suicide” — nonetheless it is as a result of probed under the “premeditated murder” string attached to something of Ukraine’s penal code.

A armed forces trade pistol was hang in suspense at the display of his death.

Russian rebels targeted either Ukrainian jets abaftwards launching their provocation in April 2014, at the same time many international airlines continued flying from one end to the other the apple of discord zone.

The Malaysian plane’s high-altitude exodus was heart to be legal despite warnings virtually the rebels’ bomb capability.

Russian officials by the same token alleged that a Ukrainian armament Buk bow and arrow downed the airliner, but marching to the beat of a different drummer rejected their claims, practice the evidence make a long story short to a Buk sent away by pro-Russian rebels or a Russian military unit.

Ukrainian electronic broadcasting quoted Voloshyn’s relatives as saying all over town he had been extrasensory perception dispirited already he cut himself Sunday mutually his ms./miss mrs. nearby.

Yuriy Butusov, a Ukrainian columnist who knew Voloshyn abundantly, praised the cadet on Facebook as an angelic airman who had fought bravely opposite the Russian-backed rebels.

Butusov expressed astonishment around Voloshyn’s death.

“Dear Vlad, how cut back this be?! Why?!” he wrote. “He didn’t let himself break perfect, he wasn’t depressed at generally told — he eternally acted as an chaste officer.”