How to Follow in the Footsteps of Your Sporting Idols


From tennis phenomenon Serena Williams toSoccer star(and two-time Olympic gold medalist) Mia Hamm, there’s no denying that women have made an impact on 21st-centurysport.

These sporting idols have paved the way for trailblazing female athletes everywhere, but it’s easy to become disheartened by their success. You want to be like them, but how can you possibly match up?

Surprisingly, becoming a professional in your sport is more about your mental resilience and willpower than your physical capabilities. It’s not easy, but it is doable. Read on to discover how to follow in the footsteps of your sporting idols.





You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but anyone who’s ever been successful at anything will give you this one piece of advice: the only major difference between an amateur and a professional is practice. Whether it’s mastering your hockey stick or learning a new language, becoming an expert at something new takes time.

If you’re new to athletics and could do with some motivation, read this Live strong article about the mental and physical benefits of regular sports practice.

Get the Gear

Although the basics will suffice when you’re just starting out, if you’re serious about becoming a professional in your sport you will need to invest in some top quality equipment. Take scooter riding for example. There are numerous models suited to beginners, even children, but most experts suggest you move on to professional models and accessories once you get past this stage and want to practice more advanced tricks.

If scooter riding is your sport, Skates is a trusted seller of Root Industry wheels, which were developed specifically for pro riders. Perhaps the most prolific among their selection are their AIR wheels. These wheels are widely respected for the support they offer the rider, while still being lightweight enough to perform nifty tricks and professional spins.

Join Communities

Any sport or fitness regime is easier to keep up when you have others to spur you on. The competitive element of most sports is what encourages athletes to better themselves, but you need support and positive endorsement too. Find a group or community to join in your area, and watch your skills improve.


It’s common to fall at the first hurdle when you’re trying to master a new sport, particularly if you hurt yourself physically. You might be tempted never to get back on the bike/surfboard/tightrope again, but if you don’t make mistakes, you’ll never learn anything new. You’re bound to suffer setbacks on the road to success —

all the best athletes do—but it’s how you overcome these hurdles that determines your success.

Believe You Can and You Will

It’s no easy feat to become a professional athlete, and it sometimes feels like women have a harder time establishing themselves than men. But as so many female athletes have already proven, gender is no measure of physical strength or success. It’s all about your mindset.


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