Successful EssayAssignment: Better Than Something Regular


How to Write a Successful EssayAssignment?


There are several ways to write a successful assignment. They help to organize your thoughts in such a way that they are understandable not only to you but also to the teacher.

So that the teacher is not confused with the events, it is necessary to learn to move very smoothly from one case to another. To do this, there is such a concept as the sequence of events. There is one disadvantage of such a reception: an essay can get boring. To avoid this, do not focus on time – just remember it. Do not attempt to describe everything that happened in a certain period.

The Story

With this reception, the assignment is transformed into a story. An essay begins with any action or story that lasts until the end. In the process, you can emphasize the various qualities, capabilities or knowledge that is related to the topic. It is not always about correctness of your essay composition: good mark depends on what your teacher wants to see.


This technique is very close to a narrative one, but the presence of any story is not required. At the same time, the characteristic features of such an essay are a vivid fantasy that affirms a rich language and interesting details that are well used in the text. The advantage of admission is that the teacher is impressed for a long time. In this case, as practice shows, the teacher remembers certain details, by which he/she easily identifies the author of the essay.


Reception is mainly applied to a question that needs to be described, for example, experience or failure. However, the use of such approach is not limited.

Effective Start

As it turned out, there are many techniques of writing essay assignments. But the task remains the same – sit down and write! However, it is more important to be able to start an essay correctly.

The introduction is important so that the reader determines for himself/herself whether your essay is worth reading. The beginning of each paragraph is also important because, moving from one paragraph to another, the reader decides for himself/herself whether it is worth continuing. The first phrase needs to be fascinating to make the teacher not just read your assignment and put it aside, but also remember it! Of course, you can simply and dully express your opinion, and then readers will be disappointed to think: “Well, it’s the same again.” There is one way-out – learn to make the beginning original. There are several approaches to start an essay:

Standard. This approach is the most widespread but not “boring” at all. To start your essay in this way, you must answer at least six questions: who, what, when, where, why and how. Something like a press release, right?  Answers to these questions should tell the teacher what to expect. Despite the number of questions, answers to them should be in one paragraph.

Unexpected. Such an approach is shocking and interesting. This may be anything you want.

Efficient. Such a start makes the reader move into the process itself, the causes and consequences that follow. This approach is convenient for short assignments, where it is not necessary to describe absolutely everything in detail.

Authoritarian. Do not be surprised, there is such. This approach offers information in an orderly tone, which will shock the reader. It seems that the author is self-confident.

Informative. The advantage of this approach is that the reader immediately receives information about what will happen next. It can be either information about life, a particular situation, or something else.

With Quotes. The best way to start an assignment is by choosing the appropriate quote. It should correspond to the theme of assignment. It is better not to use proverbs and cliché – they are boring and banal.

Dialogue. This approach stimulates the beginning of the essay as a dialogue with the reader. On the other hand, it may just be a flow of opinions with rhetorical questions.

Final Components

The way you move from paragraph to paragraph plays a huge role. Smooth, sequential transitions are extremely important elements of a successful essay, as they demonstrate your ability to express your thoughts clearly and interestingly. In the end, an essay without smooth transitions resembles pieces of a simple stream of thoughts.

The last few paragraphs in your essay are extremely important. Firstly, they have to complete your opinion. Secondly, they should leave a bright trace in the memory of the teacher. It is easy to do so.

Nine Rules for Writing Creative Essays

How do you advise to write an essay? Right: Creatively. What is behind this word? Most likely, it is the field of thought, originality, etc. It is simple: the main thing is to master the nine following rules.

  1. Only positive language: it is better to describe what there is, and not what there isn’t.
  2. Transitional phrases: they help to smoothly flow from one paragraph to another.
  3. Various structures of sentences: it is boring to constantly read the sentences of the correct structure (subject, predicate, additions…). Diversify your technique, for example add several inversions. It is good to write sentences of different lengths.
  4. Clear words: understand all the words you write in the essay. You write in order to impress with content, not with a vocabulary. Sophistication is good, but not so much.
  5. Different words. These are synonyms.
  6. Every word is important:every sentence must bear a unique meaning.
  7. Active status of life position.

Books about essays – it is great!


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