How do you choose a suitable website builder?


Imagine you are a good therapist, but you may not be so technical. However, you also understand that building a website is a good step for your practice. But who is going to build your dream website? Who will teach you how to use your website as a marketing tool (as a therapist)? Who will ensure that you attract new clients through your website?

I can imagine that you do not see the forest through the trees. Are you going for a business in your place of residence? Do you go for that family’s knowledge? Do you choose a website builder that has a nice site itself? Choices, choices, choices. In this article, I’ll explain what you need to keep in mind when choosing a suitable website builder and what you should look forward to.

If you make your website with help from your friend / family member or by a freelance website designer, you will never be sure that you can still be in contact with that person in six months. In addition, you never know how much knowledge they actually have of building a website and of an online marketing strategy.

What is a suitable website builder?

A suitable website builder is a specialist in online marketing, communication, and technology. The second question is “How does a suitable website developer help you?” What do you need for that? For example, my opinion is that it is important that therapists always place a call-to-action at the bottom of their page. This is a button or form that allows visitors to contact you immediately if they want to take a service.

A good website builder should be able to help you in writing good website texts

Recruiting website texts have a particular strategy, which you can use with some help. That is why you need to at least read a document that helps you step by step and ensures that your texts are not only interesting and understandable to you, but especially for your clients. In between, you will get feedback on the text. You should ensure that you will also be assisted in writing out what you do, who you do and why you do it.

Learn your way in the website system (CSM system)

This can be done through an online training or through an online tour. This makes it easy for you to make changes. We work with the page build function. This is a very clear and simple tool that ensures that you never have to work with code again. It works as easily as word processing tools like Microsoft Word.

Helps you find better in Google

A good website builder takes your SEO out of hand, helps you with a strategy or explains how to easily optimize pages. The builder should also to help you if you have any questions. For example, you should prioritize the website builders which give you unlimited phone support and help you almost immediately. But you should not forget what called remote assistance. Some good website builders can share their screen showing to you important buttons to click to get something. This works fast and efficiently. You will be helped as you can see how it works. It will be much easier for you to do it yourself, and you will not lose time because you need to figure it out yourself.

Helps you with updates and backups

A traditional web designer creates a website and then says goodbye. Then the website ages and after a few years you have to buy a new one. You do not have to worry about updating your websites or for keeping track of backups. A professional website builder manages this all for you!