Mexico hopes fish farming can help save endangered porpoise

MEXICO CITY – Mexico hopes fish farming can assist weaken the unlawful market for the totoaba fish and enable conserve the critically endangered vaquita porpoise, of which fewer than thirty survive.

Poachers in Mexico have long caught vaquitas in nets established for totoaba, that’s alone an endangered species. Totoaba swim bladders really are a prized delicacy in China.

Mexico’s ecosystem section reported Friday it options to invest in a few fish farms to raise 300,000 juvenile totoaba to “control the unlawful trafficking” from the species.

No less than just one enterprise at the moment raises Totoaba from hatchlings within the Gulf of California, also known as the ocean of Cortez, the sole place both species are located.

Fishing for totoaba is prohibited during the Gulf of California, but the high prices traffickers spend make that onerous to implement.