Net Neutrality: Blocked sites as one of its effects and how to unblock using Google


The end of neutrality on the Internet: the Trump deregulatory hurricane is reinforced
The Republican president is freezing and eliminating regulations at a faster pace than Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. The decision of the Administration of Donald Trump to end neutral access to the Internet is the most extreme example of where the Republican wants to bring regulation, one of the pillars on which his economic agenda is based. It is a battle that extends to the environment and the financial world.

What is the neutrality of the Internet?

An open internet is essential to protect the freedoms that we value so much: our ability to innovate, express our opinion, relate to each other and listen to different voices and opinions.
The neutrality of the network guarantees that the rules of the game are the same for everyone. It prevents ISPs from blocking or deleting content, limits the manipulation of the speed at which certain content is received and the sale of preferential access to the highest bidder. The neutrality of the network guarantees that when we raise our voices online, they can be heard.

The effects

The digital world shuddered this Thursday in the United States. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of that country announced the total repeal of the Internet neutrality standards approved by the Barack Obama government in 2015, which prevented providers from charging additional fees for access faster to certain content on the network.

Wall Street

It is the same formula that is following with the agency that was created after the financial crisis to protect the consumer against abuses like the one of the mortgages trash. To his forehead he has just put Mick Mulvaney, one of his great opponents. Trump wants to relax the government’s police work on Wall Street and the banks. But the White House’s effort in that regard is less visible.

Any change in the structure of legislative measures that were adopted after the collapse of Lehman Brothers must happen before the Congress of the USA. What the Treasury and other supervisors are already doing is to be more permissive when it comes to enforcing the rules. The nominee to chair the Federal Reserve is also open to allowing some laxity to small banking firms.

For digital world especially the sites

Basically, they were obliged to treat the entire digital universe equally, which, in political terms, meant that the authorities claimed that the companies that provide the service did not block, slow down or discriminate in any way any content or applications. The question is: How can we as individuals be free to unblock pages or sites using Google? Why Google? Of course, because Google is the number one search engine in the world and the Internet itself is very synonymous with this giant search engine.

Learn how to unblock pages using Google

How can we unblock websites using Google tools? As we already know, the Internet is a very useful source of information and entertainment. Unfortunately, there are sites that are not appropriate for everyone and blocking them becomes a necessary evil. This turns out to be a problem when using a public computer, such as an office, school or library. It is possible to unblock sites with Google to access these restricted computers to relatively innocuous sites appropriate for adults such as MySpace or YouTube.
Step 1

To start, go to the main Google website. Because it is a very popular search engine, most computers have it as a trusted site.
Step 2

Write the website you want to unblock on Google and allow it to open all possible matches. Find the website that matches the blocked page.

Step 3

Click on the hidden link below the website description. Instead of searching the website, Google stores a copy of this page in its database and the computer recognizes the page within the Google site instead of treating it as a separate site.

Step 4

Pretend that you are going to see web pages on a mobile device instead of a computer. Search the Google website through your mobile. Google translates HTML pages into mobile versions by deleting Java scripts and reconfiguring the page making it smaller and more suitable for handheld devices. These changes can trick the computer into believing it is a different site than the blocked one.

Step 5

Translate the page to English. Even if the page you want to see is already in English, asking the server to translate the English to English page is a way to get access to a blocked site. Copy and paste the translated link in the address bar and use Google as a proxy, or intermediary, of the two sites. Often, this buffer is enough for you to see the website blocked.

Hopefully this article can be useful to you and enable you to understand the definition of Net neutrality, its impact and how to solve it using Google as the number one search engine in the world today.