Tech Q&A: Dueling assistants, outsmarting hackers, blocking texts, and more

Want to know how to choose the greatest virtual assistant, outsmart hackers, and block texts? Then read this column.

Fending off Hackers

Q: I read that hackers are likely after routers and when they do, they are able to history keystrokes and steal from you. How can i make sure hackers are certainly not in my router?

A: You have explained among the most terrifying eventualities during the cyber safety globe, right just after ransomware or identification theft: The hackers’ ability to covertly track the exact people you kind, and thereby deducing your passwords and personal messages. The danger is real and it could occur to anybody who doesn’t consider the right safety measures. Routers undoubtedly are a susceptible portion of any community because most people really don’t even think about them. The main step is always to safeguard your router from intrusion, and afterwards look at to find out whether hackers have previously damaged in. Click the link to test your router to view if it’s been hacked.

Find My Totally free Podcasts

Q: I read your podcast regarding how tech helps find effective most cancers solutions and one more one about Bitcoins. The two were being actually great! Are your podcasts available on iTunes?

A: No matter how lots of years I spend in this business or the amount of subjects I protect, I am normally overjoyed to learn a display, tip, or article is helpful. I check out to deal with subjects that are related and as much as the moment, and Bitcoin and cancer breakthroughs are key illustrations. To answer your dilemma, my podcasts are very uncomplicated to find. Just search for “Komando” on iTunes, Google Play, or anywhere you have your podcasts. Or click here to download or pay attention to my podcasts on my web-site.Block Spam Texts

Q: How can i block spam texts and messages on my cellular phone?

A: Textual content message spam is swiftly becoming one of the most frustrating aspect of owning a smartphone. What spam and telemarketing have been to former generations, text spam happens to be for millennials. You can find a variance, obviously, involving frequent text messages from another person you don’t like as well as the unlimited stream of delivers and ads from overall strangers. Continue to keep in mind that some spammy advertisements may be cyber-criminals fishing for personal data. Possibly way, you’ll find much easier solutions to block these message-senders forever. Click the link to know the way to block spam texts and messages on your cell phone.

Creepy Ads

Q: Adverts are following me where ever I’m going online. Can i help it become quit? I take a look at boots, such as, and i continue to keep viewing advertisements for people boots.

A: I really do not think I have at any time satisfied anybody who likes these advertisements. Most people are ambivalent, but a great deal of us find mind-reading banner advertisements to become creepy and intrusive. This kind of promoting can be very effective because it follows your browsing designs and caters towards your tastes. The offender is referred to as a “cookie,” a small file that’s downloaded towards your laptop. Most cookies are harmless and harmless, but they might have a disturbing result while you look through. But you can pick and pick out when you want cookies to become enabled. Click the link for your ways to halt ads from subsequent you about online.

Ideal Virtual Assistants

Q: I’m torn between obtaining an Amazon Echo or Google House product. Is just one a lot better than another?

A: Initially, let me give you the short respond to: They are each great, and also your alternative is dependent on what you’re in search of. The Echo was a pioneer while in the virtual assistant current market, and Amazon has completed a amazing job expanding the scope of the groundbreaking unit. Although other tech organizations are battling to capture up, Amazon has by now produced a next technology on the Echo, formulated the cheap Echo Dot, and seriously plugged the video-centric Echo Demonstrate. That is rather a fleet of equipment, and the name “Alexa” now features a wide range of cachet. Nevertheless, Google is providing the retail giant operate for its money, and home contains a lots of characteristics you could find appealingto not point out valuable. Just click here for just a comparison of Echo and home.

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