‘Bachelor’ contestant Rebekah Martinez was originally reported missing, but later spotted on reality TV series

Rebekah Martinez, who was as soon as shown as being a missing person, was essentially just fast paced filming “The Bachelor.”

The contestant’s mom grew to become worried when she could not arrive at her daughter. She reported the 22-year-old lacking on Nov. 18. In accordance to your Day by day Mail, her mother informed the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office that she experienced not been equipped to track down her daughter for six days.

The North Coast Journal stated Martinez as amongst 35 people missing in Humboldt County. Readers recognized the reality show contestant and contacted the area news outlet.

General public Details Officer Samantha Karges mentioned Friday that she spoke with Martinez, who stated the misunderstanding.

“I just got off the phone with Rebekah,” claimed Karges. “She is actually exactly the same person. She has been taken out in the missing people record.”

Martinez took to Twitter Friday to make light-weight of your kerfuffle.

She wrote in one publish to the social media application, “MOM. the quantity of situations do I’ve to inform you I really don’t get cell service around the Bachelor??”

Martinez then wrote a further playful write-up which has a picture of herself with a milk carton in conjunction with the textual content, “I found myself, quite basically, on this period of #TheBachelor.”


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