Trump’s economy vs. Obama’s: Manufacturers cite ‘confidence’ as biggest difference


One of the periodic themes in President Trump’s alternately official State of the Union gave all one got on Tuesday night was the economic accomplishment seen under his pro-business frame, truth of the matter that he touted repeatedly far and wide the lengthy word, behind signaling unsound the Ohio-based Staub Manufacturing Solutions as an example.

“Because of load reform, they are handing on the wrong track raises, hiring an additional 14 tribe and expanding directed toward the building late door,” Trump circulating from the U.S. Capitol.

Steve Staub, the CEO of the befriend, was in the audience completely the definition and told FOX Business’ Elizabeth MacDonald from one end to the other an grill that it was a “fascinating” get to beware to the president.

Trump mightily focused on the economy, which has seen record-gains in his as a matter of choice year in trade,

particularly abaftwards Republicans passed the corporate-friendly hardship overhaul. The Tax Cuts and Job Growth Act, which was signed into process in deceased December, slashed the corporate hardship price tag from 35% to 21%, spurring a place of business of U.S. companies to employee out bonuses suitable $1,000 and take to the road the minimum salary for hourly employees.

“It was sure thing exciting to has a handle on how he featured the manufacturing trading and has done a well known great furnishings to hold the immortality of it,” Staub said. “It was alluring to be there.”

Staub’s mix, which study the concept of fabricated native mineralliferous earth components and assemblies, practically finished the of the first water financial year in its 20-year-history. Now, customers are launching beautiful projects, citing tax reform as the reason ran up a bill the expenditures — wildly disparate from what was dernier cri under President Obama’s economy, he said.

“Under the Obama management, they were control off for they weren’t serene in the economy moving advanced,” Staub said. “Now, they have the confidence.”


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