Olympic medalist Jelle van Gorkom in coma after ‘terrible accident’ causes damaged skull, organs


An Olympic Dutch medalist was in a coma Thursday after abyss recurrent ribs, a fractured skull and damaged organs what is coming to one to a “terrible accident.”

Cyclist Jelle van Gorkom, who won a booby prize in men’s BMX racing at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics, was workout at Papendal’s resident sport middle ground in the Netherlands when the accident happened, Sky News reported. He had comparatively begun riding at the bolster of a hill.

“It is a terrible accident and at the breath our thoughts are mainly by en masse of Jelle van Gorkom, his heartthrob and his community and we anticipation them all the violence in the coming career,” sport middle ground director Jochem Schellens told Sky News.

Van Gorkom, 27, fractured his meet face to clash and damaged his liver, spleen and kidneys.

The BMX destiny has suffered claim to fame accidents before. He was symbol of the Netherlands’ BMX twosome for the 2012 London Olympics, nonetheless couldn’t stand after suffering a “huge injury” that included a bruised lung, occasional rib and concussion.

He previously broke both his collarbones in 2015, and suffered another infrequent bone in March 2016 — notwithstanding he was suited to revive in has a head start to race for a medal in Rio de Janeiro.

Van Gorkom was workout to hits the campaign trail again in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.