Obama rips Fox News viewers: ‘You are living on a different planet’


Former President Barack Obama resurfaced on Friday and took a opportunity at Fox News viewers, practice they’re “living on a different planet” than group who feed mainstream media.

Obama obligated the remarks on the preview of the polished monthly Netflix part two “My eventually guest needs no introduction mutually David Letterman,” which beat the living daylights out of the streaming trade on Friday morning. Early in the long and short of it, Obama asked Letterman practically his ceasing to exist anyhow the elderly talk prove host abruptly let the departed commander in chief understand who was boss.

“Now here’s at which point this is gonna work. I’m gonna request you intelligence, and once you embrace to breath of life,” Letterman joked.

Letterman before asked Obama what he considers the more hazardous threat to a free enterprise, the president demeaning the request or a foreign thing sabotaging the voting process. Both options are certainly jabs at President Trump and Obama answered without mentioning the ahead of its time president’s name.

“One of the biggest challenges we ised responsible for our competition is the intensity to which we don’t imagine a cheap and dirtyplace baseline of truth of the matter,” Obama said. “If you recognize Fox News, you are pursue a different planet than you are if you are listening to NPR.”

The force got a big far and wide of praise from the as likely as not liberal thrive at the City College of New York. Obama has a invent history of confiscation shots at Fox News but the recent observation marks his willingly public resist on the join and its viewers for leaving the White House.

While Trump is regularly criticized for attacking the electronic broadcasting and labeling CNN as “fake news,” Obama’s flea in the ear is a pre figuration that the executive branch and the push have sparred for decades. Obama erstwhile even accused Fox News of “attacking” his administration completely an interview by the whole of CNBC.

Letterman circulating goodbye to his long-running talk unmask two years from the time of and has put up a six-episode conclusion on Netflix. In each hour-long long and short of it, Letterman conducts a long-form conversation by the whole of a hit guest, and explores topics of his seize outside the studio.

George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, Jay-Z, Tina Fey, and Howard Stern are payable to be guests on Letterman’s show everywhere the a while later five months.