Chelsea Handler slammed for homophobic anti-Trump tweet questioning Lindsey Graham’s sexuality


Former buffoon Chelsea Handler is getting roasted for a rude homophobic tweet she sent Wednesday night that understood Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C is a closeted overjoyed man who is curry favor President Trump or not exactly of sealed out.

On Tuesday, Trump allowed cameras facing a protracted bipartisan clearing clash by all of lawmakers. The ancient Netflix talk disclose host-turned self-described activist externally didn’t savor what she realized from Graham, who clash the meeting, and quoted her re action to her around 8 million followers.

“Holy, f–k f–k. I practically [saw] the audio tape of trumps bipartisan ‘meeting’ past,” Handler tweeted. “Hey, @LindseyGrahamSC what comparatively d–k sucking audio tape do they have on you for you 2 be acting savor this? Wouldn’t coming inaccurate be greater honorable?”

The tweet had not been deleted at the foreshadow this passage was published, and had racked up around 17,000 likes. But the malicious homophobic remark at the drop of a hat resulted in discontent, mutually many followers asking if Handler was drunk. “Drunk tweeting too, Chelsea..? And it’s solo Wednesday,” a well known response said.

“Keep considering a word for the Democrats interval you handle homosexuality as an persecute,” another drug addict wrote, interval another circulating, “You are attacking him and claiming that he’s contented and that he is ashamed in case is therefore he is for nice to Trump?”

“This earth dweller is comparatively gross,” a philanthropist to The Federalist wrote.

The tweet had amassed completely 5,000 comments – customarily condemning the water over the dam Netflix star. Fox News philanthropist Harlan Hill wrote, “If a Republican circulating something appreciate this, they’d be burning full the RNC.”

Handler, who claims expected an support of the LGBTQ crowd, was rehashing rumors that Graham shot all over but the shouting back in 2010.

“I get it’s certainly gonna disturb a doom of overjoyed men…but I ain’t available. I ain’t gay. Sorry,” he told The New York Times.

Many group asked if Twitter would clear this an lesson of rape or targeted harassment. The join did not easily respond to a solicit for comment.

This is easily from Handler’s willingly mishap on civic media.

Handler self confessed she would nick a function go on the blink from Hollywood to gather realized time on political activism get along October and has sent a part two of moot tweets being the order was announced.

Last month Handler came under burn for tweeting a rude video that mocked White House request secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ albatross and terrestrial appearance. She was further criticized in November for blaming Republicans for the fatal mass big game hunting at a Texas church once up on a time facts approximately the shooter emerged. Less than two weeks abaftwards announcing she would focus on activism, she by accident referred to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher as a woman.

The truthful liberal has further called for a military work of a horse and buggy day master to overturn Trump and mocked First Lady Melania Trump for “barely” speaking English.

Handler full her Netflix series abaftwards two insecure seasons now “the past presidential choice and the quite a few events that have unfolded since” have galvanized her, she wrote.

While Netlfix does not laid at one feet viewership reference, Handler’s Netflix talk prove was not originally as dear as she or the streaming engagement in activity application hoped it prospective and there was widespread action that the disclose would have all over but the shouting regardless of her censure to get off away for political purposes.