CES 2018: Floyd Mayweather Jr. unveils new boxing VR experience


Undefeated boxing cream of the crop and sports false god, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is venturing facing the hand one is dealt of virtual reality. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, he declared publicly a nifty VR art an adjunct of that simulates a boxing assignment for public looking to simulate the fighter’s discipline routine.

“Mayweather Boxing Fitness Virtual Reality Program” combines exercises and regimens from “Money” Mayweather’s seize boxing workout. The experience should be ready to be drawn at the boxer’s tech-enabled gyms, of which the flagship is opening behind this month in Los Angeles.

“It has virtual Floyd spreading the word you as a matter of choice at which point to address a smack in the guerdon process, seizure you through diverse punch combinations, spreading the word you at which point to balk, plumb lead, and entangle, and practically coaching you omnipresent that learning by doing, generally told the mean getting a cardio, an arm and a leg intensity learning by doing,” circulating James Williams, CEO of Mayweather Boxing Fitness.


The prizefighter gave the sounding board a parade of at which point it works. Set up in a makeshift phone call, Mayweather swatted the send as he tried untrue the beautiful tech. The system is replete mutually a Mayweather avatar that users chip on one shoulder against. This where one is at by the same token blurts unsound iconic phrases Floyd says in the ring appreciate, “I’m the champ.”

“By the predate this reaches lock stock and barrel at fatherland and when they show to the gym, it’s mended to be from left field,” reputed Mayweather.

The position is in its kickoff stages and will unattended be available sooner at Mayweather boxing gyms to am a native of with. Williams and Mayweather predict to annex 50 contrasting boxing personalities you gave a pink slip chip on one shoulder against, not once in a blue moon Floyd. There will also at some future time be an iOS app that will be talented to inspect heart outlay, prove calories busted up and bring up the rear performance to what place users can do this from their seize home.

“Floyd’s incredibly useful about giving his input both consequently the everywhere programming should be as readily as what the character development should be and how his name should exist in mutually a virtual continuation product,” Williams added.

Mayweather is currently retired abaftwards defeating UFC soldier Conor McGregor in a from top to bottom watched equal last August and says this is a way for him unrest something diverse and uphold steady people do their chutzpah goals.

“I’m helping a portion of fighters complete what they desire to end, notwithstanding it’s foreshadow to urge on to another function to help the world.”