CNN star Anderson Cooper claims he was ‘surprised’ by pot-soaked New Year’s Eve segments

CNN stood for that Hashish Information Network on New Year’s Eve with ongoing “hits” from Denver, in which cannabis is legal, however the network’s most important star plus the evening’s co-host Anderson Cooper claims he was “surprised” through the segments.

Cooper appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Tuesday to debate the situation.

At various points in the New Year’s telecast, reporter Randi Kaye held a joint, lit a bong, marveled in excess of a unique gasoline mask utilized by stoners and questioned where by she was.

Colbert questioned, “Do you continue to use a get in touch with high from Randi Kaye?”

The CNN star fired back, “It’s legal in Colarado… she did not smoke, certainly. She was just in the surroundings.”

“Second hand,” Colbert jokingly replied.

“The full point shocked me just as much as anybody else, I gotta convey to you,” Cooper stated.

Kaye didn’t partake herself when over the air, though the bit was adequate to appall some viewers and confuse people who may possibly be locked up for doing the identical detail.

Cooper performed together, although not as much as his co-host Andy Cohen.

“This is for you, Andy!” Kaye reported at 1 place, addressing Cohen and holding a lit marijuana cigarette out into the camera.

Cohen enthusiastically praised Kaye’s report, although a smiling Cooper reminded viewers that Kaye’s high-jinx was all above board, regardless of whether a tiny bit unseemly.

Meanwhile, CNN is outwardly all-in on weed content despite outrage from some viewers. The verified Twitter account of CNN’s “Anthony Bourdain: Elements Unknown” tweeted an elaborate illustration on Tuesday evening that comprehensive “how to roll a joint.” The stoner guidance have been originally posted back in November to coincide along with the Seattle episode of Bourdain’s system, but have been resurfaced amid the attention CNN is acquiring for its pot-themed New Year’s celebration.

Bourdain’s guidelines consist of tips these kinds of as, “If you are trying to find a pressure that does not cause you to also worn out adhere to sativa, that is a head high, vs . indica, which is a human body high. Should you never want a person that rips so tricky but remains to be robust try out Purple Haze, because Jimi Hendrix didn’t publish just one of his most iconic tracks over it because it sucks.”

CNN can also be the network that aired “High Profits,” a 2015 authentic sequence pursuing a Colorado pair because they attempt to develop a cannabis empire. The liberal network has also aired a series of “Weed” specials hosted by main medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta.