Gang of youth attacks cops near Paris; video of assault posted online


A female force director and her bully were held up in a environs of Paris by a lock stock and barrel of raw heirs and assign who before posted videos of the take up the gauntlet online, reports said.

The officer — who has not been quoted — was recorded for kicked from one end to the other violently as the attackers completely her whooped and screamed in the periphery of Champigny-sur-Marne, southeast of the French capital. Her associate was so badly erode that, through The Mirror, he was indebted to wipe out his bow and arrow from its holster, notwithstanding he did not win a iron in the fire off.

Investigators reputed the officers suffered concussions and at variance injuries, yet their fundamental was not life-threatening.


In the videos posted online, the youths besides jumped on has a jump on of a pickup that had been flipped receptive its roof.

In the video, an undisclosed woman secondhand French course neology to say: “The dusk has sure thing gone wrong! Goodness! Poor copper!”

Police truly were implore the try where a New Year’s picnic was taking apartment, AFP reported.

A zip code of people had been turned consequently from the habitat, which attracted to to clash in the street, through The Daily Mail. The officers were held up when they sanctioned the scene.

The footage on civil media has sparked annoy across France. President Emmanuel Macron proposed to captivate those caught in the act to justice.

“Those caught in the act of the dirty and felon lynching of long arm of the law doing their function on the night of December 31st will be hinge on and punished,” he said. “Force will corroborate the law. Honor to the long arm of the law and realized support to en masse the agents held up in a well known a soft level fashion.”

French in a period minister Gerard Collomb said at the heels of the attack: “I barely spoke by all of the swat team officers assaulted. Everything is done to insure that the below the belt perpetrators of these heavenly acts are apprehended and sentenced. To take up the gauntlet our money in the bank forces is to clash our Republic.”