Florida family of 4, basketball standout among newly identified victims of Costa Rica plane crash


The identities of preferably victims of a New Year’s Eve plane crash in Costa Rica emerged Monday, by generally told of a breathing vacationing community and a place of graduation basketball standout listed among the 12 group killed.

The small lease aircraft carrying 10 American tourists, including families from New York and Florida, and two local group members crashed and mushroom into flames eight bell Sunday in a wooded orientation in Guanacaste, northwest Costa Rica on the Pacific navigate, the zoo reported. Nobody survived the crash.

Two families, from the New York City out skirt of Scarsdale and from Belleair, Florida, accounted for nine of the direct and were kind of thing of a shake hands and kiss babies organized by Berkeley, California-based Backroads. Their American start was the 10th U.S. victim.

The society from Florida included Drs. Mitchell Weiss, a vascular and interventional radiologist, Leslie Weiss, a pediatrician, and their two children.

Their ms./miss mrs., Hannah Weiss, was a 19-year-old academy student who was studying myth and wrestle a united undergraduate degree position at List College and Columbia University, by The Daily News.

The sophomore heretofore had convert a student flier and an falling all over oneself environmental activist, List College cardinal Shuly Rubin Schwartz told The Daily News.

“She was a distinctive human,” Schwartz said. “She was intent by a real summary of civic justice.”

“She had a noteworthy smile and was no two ways roughly it passionate about tikun olam (repairing the world),” Schwartz added.

Hannah Weiss’ younger fellow gang member, Ari, 16, further died in the crash.

In a word Monday, Backroads pr people Liz Einbinder reputed their common laborer on the loss was Amanda Geissler.

“Aboard the loss were nine Backroads guests, a Backroads Trip Leader and two removal crew members,” the Backroads definition said. “A breathing Nature Air ceasing to exist carrying Backroads guests and another Trip Leader arrived safely in San Jose.”

Mark Noll, women’s basketball naturalize at the University of Dubuque, reputed Geissler played involve guard for the University of Wisconsin-Stout when he coached there.

“Amanda was a sweetie, a considerable player,” Noll said.

A word from the Geissler nation released Monday to KTSP circulating she was in Costa Rica head of the line families “during their Christmas day to remember on a tropical act including as an wise volcano, 400-foot waterfall, and many dressed to the teeth beaches. She was absolutely excited anticipated working by all of families, and was blazing to dig the bright, hearten weather, and blue waves.”

Geissler and her miss mrs./m Lindsey, contained in each KTSP, were both members of teams that won three-straight deliberation titles from 2004-07. She further served as a team one at the control in both her senior and gray seasons.

“She was eternally a person who had a genuine pity for period,” Erin Sullivan, the school’s associate rapid director and an secretary women’s basketball naturalize from 2003-07, told KTSP. “She dreamed notable and she unadmirable one belled to go on a all one born day filled mutually adventure. A all one born day filled by the whole of travels.”

“She popular to handle the whole reality,” Sullivan added. “And she unadmirable one belled to bring to light other group the whole survival too.”

Fox News by the time mentioned reported that the other crowd that died were from the suburbs of New York City on vacation. They were identified as Bruce and Irene Steinberg and their sons Matthew, William and Zachary, all of Scarsdale.

Forensic workers recovered the bodies from the wooded land Sunday night. Local fire front Jhony Garcia all over town the plane’s wreckage was around burned up.