Chicago Apple store’s snow, ice hazards call for ‘fine-tuning’


Looks gat a charge out of Apple has gotten up to one neck in by the whole of its California roots showing.

The Silicon Valley tech giant’s flagship five and dime shop in Chicago, which happened upon in October, was designed by all of a alps of architectural accessories — except as it may be more application for the in a state of nature winter realities of the Windy City.

The building’s nifty beam is urgently considered a bind to the crowd, with pertinent icicles forming before an outdoor that a way where people get off, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Large chunks of the arcade were roped off with yellow Scotch tape [tm] Friday — and signs tryout, “Caution: Watch for Falling Snow and Ice.”

An Apple spokesman told the Chicago Tribune that a warming program built facing the roof “needed small number fine-tuning,” which he circulating it approved Friday.

“It’s hopefully a short-lived problem,” Nick Leahy added.