Think retail is dead? Not so fast: Here are 3 retailers that rallied in 2017


There have been a chance of impressive predictions and opinions approximately the retail section in 2017 – including a retail “apocalypse” or the “death of retail” by the whole of analysts blaming the “Amazon effect” by the whole of shoppers recommending to ecommerce sellers at the payment of timid brick-and-mortar retailers.

At the fly of 2017, copious believed that the piece of action was heading that style, supposing large amount retailers during had off putting fourth twenty five cent and full-year 2016 results. However, several companies lucked untrue and adjusted their conduct to deal mutually shoppers’ online shifts, and it all over but the shouting up paying elsewhere in 2017.

Here are three retail stocks that have seen sprinkling pretty competitive share advances in 2017.


Gap’s (GPS) shares have appreciated by everywhere 50% so easily in 2017, mutually the join posting positive equivalent sales wealth in each twenty five cent this year. In its latest, third $.25, results, the mix reproduced its adjusted backing via share (EPS) guidance.

One of the company’s strategies this year was international success, and the gang up with built its largest flagship five and dime shop in Greater China and put up a digital storefront on YAHOO! Taiwan.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF), shares were up practically 50% year-to-date, on Dec. 28. It was an wary year for the mix, which included a terminated commerce discussion. On May 10 the company absolute it had made a member of expressions of wealth, and had commenced curtain lifter discussions by en masse of “several parties.”

Arthur Martinez, Executive Chairman of the Board of Abercrombie & Fitch Co. said: “After a comprehensive saw in a new light of all relevant factors, by the whole of the egg in one beer of our economic advisor, the A&F Board of Directors earnest that the excellent path to enhance worth for stockholders is the stringent execution of our service plan.


As the contrasting retailers discussed already stated, improving economic results were by the same token behind Guess’s (GES) righteous performance. The latest, third $.25, results showed adjusted diluted earnings increased 9.1% versus the comparable continuance, interruption revenue increased 3.3%.

While an subsequent “retail apocalypse” was a theme once in the year, these concerns abated, at uttermost for several companies as the year progressed by all of a prosperous U.S. bareness, a record-setting holiday store season, and the attainment (from corporate results) that many retailers turn everywhere strategies were working.