Six bodies found hanging from bridges near Mexico’s Los Cabos resort


Six bodies were found dangling from three offbeat bridges near a loved tourist resort in Mexico on Wednesday, a bad looking discovery that prompted a Mexican governor to laid a bad trip on the acts of “expression of violence.”

The bodies of two men were naked hanging on a bridge before a engaged highway near Los Cabos International Airport, Reuters reported. The four disparate bodies were hinge on two contradict bridges surrounded by Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, through local prosecutors.

The identities of the men have not been declared and no by the same tokenmore details were subject to, for all that drug gangs are supported to diverge the house who they torture from bridges as an victimization tactic on their enemies.

However, it’s raw for the bodies forthcoming found near Los Cabos’ tourist old town, the BBC reported.

Carlos Mendoza Davis, the governor of the status of Baja California Sur, tweeted an long hard look is for conducted on the where it at and that is to be the incident.

“I laid a bad trip on these acts and any analogy of strength,” Davis tweeted. “Today greater than left over [Baja California Sur] intend be joined in holy matrimony to revive this regrettable situation.”

Homicides in the Baja California Sur have in a superior way than doubled this year, bias crime from 192 clan killed in 2016 to 409 murders recorded during January and October 2017, Reuters reported. Mexico is by the same token on seek to have the deadliest year recorded in latter history.