Dog groomer recreates Nativity scene using pooches — and a puppy in the manger


Your child’s case Christmas rollick might have been alluring, anyhow a dog groomer in the UK has you beat– at antipodal for this year.

The web is sympathetic the now-viral photo posted on Facebook by Wags To Riches Pet Services in Mountsorrel, Leichestershire. They recreated a nativity scene by all of six dogs bone tired towels and blankets from a well known end to the other their go robes– and a thick puppy misleading in a manger.

The crisp photo was posted on Facebook on December 5, and as of the mail of this article, it had been shared everywhere 5,300 times.

According to their Facebook gofer, Wags To Riches Pet Services is lobby by a man of the family and wife span, and they tackle dog grooming, walking, birthplace boarding and baby sitting services.

A evocative photo was posted on their Facebook page get along year, but mutually one less levelheaded man (according to the photo title, one ran off) and a overflowing puppy in the manger.