US-backed Syria Kurdish force says east Euphrates free of IS


BEIRUT – Syria’s primary Kurdish forces say it’s got efficiently cleared places east of your Euphrates river of Islamic State militants.

Noureddine Mahmoud, spokesman with the People’s Protection Units, generally known as the YPG, along with the backbone on the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, praised at a press conference Sunday U.S. and Russian help for forces operating inside the jap Deir el-Zour province. He reported he hoped for additional coordination with the two worldwide powers to protect liberated locations. Mahmoud’s comments arrive per day following the U.S. defense secretary claimed Washington will halt arming the YPG.

Russia is the major backer of Syrian government forces battling IS over the western side of the river. Russia and also the U.S. have been in touch to circumvent clashes among them.