Nov. 25 Letters: Santa Clara County should get behind fracking ban

A completely new research within the Centre for Environmental Overall health decided that unconventional oil and fuel enhancement, such as fracking, is damaging to human beings, especially to vulnerable people, newborns and kids. The Environmental Defense Agency uncovered scientific evidence in 2016 that hydraulic fracturing under certain ailments is actually a major danger to US drinking water provides.

In 2016 the Peninsula Democratic Coalition Board handed resolutions on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors to assist banning potential fracking during the county and in the state. However no member from the Board of Supervisors agreed to champion this energy.

These non-action only increases the health and fitness threats to the county and state populations and surroundings. Unbeknownst to quite a few, Sargent Discipline can be a potential fracking web site in South County with four near-by earthquake faults, including the San Andreas.

Assist people know how harming sugar is

In response to “Surprise! Just how much sugar is hiding in your favored foods?” by Karen D’Sousa: Sugar is among one of the most consumed solutions worldwide, and it contributes for the best well being hazard. Rising use of sugary beverages has long been an important contributor to the obesity epidemic. This latest study broke down the amount of sugar in certain meals. It seems that people are getting issue managing their sugar intake because they do not notice how much sugar is actually in foods. Excessive sugar cannot only drop power stage, nonetheless it may also induce slumber disruption. As being a nutrition key, I hope the community can take the initiative to advertise the negative results of extreme sugar use by panel discussions and workshops. Youthful small children should be monitored to present them significantly less sugary meals and substitute candy with fruits.

Stay with math, professor, and stay away from politics

In reply to Scott Peterson, math professor, De Anza School (Nov. thirteen), “Pitts column displays blind bigotry from Trump”: I counsel Mr Peterson persist with his career of instructing math and remain clear of politics.

His article signifies a blind have confidence in of Trump, who has demonstrated with his “fake news” and nonsensical tweets that to believe in him reveals blindness over and above perception. I go through Mr. Pitts’ column all the time and find him for being insightful, rational and “right on” along with his political assessments.

Renowned adult males aren’t the only lecherous gropers

More females just about every working day are ending their silence about the indignities they have got endured at the hands of lecherous politicians or entertainers. These make information because the names from the perpetrators are recognizable, although the incidents explained aren’t any diverse than those people happening each and every working day every single where among the not-famous. Perhaps all the publicity about Donald and Harvey and Al and Charlie and each of the others will, somehow, make the entire world as secure a place for my daughters as it is for my sons. Possibly another person will create a guide about what is going on. Doable title: “The Gropes of Wrath.”

Holiday offering guide should be mailed to all

The Mercury News posting “Holiday offering 2017: How you might help kids, needy families” (Nov. 21) is very in depth and informational. It demonstrates that numerous companies inside the Santa Clara County want volunteers and also donations for your upcoming holidays. Also, it listed particular donation products the distinctive companies might need, so sparing viewers from accomplishing supplemental exploration.

I feel really thankful that these companies exist. I could not enable but are convinced if this informative article were being condensed, set right into a pamphlet and mailed out to residents, a lot more people would gain from it. Low-income people would find out about businesses and request aid, and men and women that would like to volunteer could find businesses that spark their interest.

How about if Moore had groped your sister?

To President Trump and the male voters of Alabama: If Roy Moore experienced accomplished to your wife, your sister, or your daughter(s) what Moore seemingly has completed to a lot of other younger girls, would you still guidance him? Would you continue to vote for him?

Gasoline tax is fine, although not the system for 237

I’m with the twelve cent fuel tax increase, as long as it goes to roads only, however it does not. Silicon Valley Management Team along with the VTA have this fantasy that including a $79 million auxiliary lane on westbound Highway 237 between Zanker and First Road will relieve website traffic. I do not consider so! Targeted visitors backs up while in the auxiliary lane at Lawrence Expressway to Great The usa Parkway and not less than a half mile ahead of the Mathilda exit. Adding this lane will only provide the eco-friendly light-weight to increase the carpool/express lane to Highway one zero one, which will go away just one through westbound lane on Highway 237. Cannot we just make an elevated light rail or maybe a subway?

Distinction amongst consensual and assault

In response to Monthly bill Graham’s appalling letter of Nov. 21, in the event you can not tell the real difference between consensual sexual intercourse and sexual assault, or concerning generating a “mistake” and committing pedophilia, then now we have a problem right here. Roy Moore didn’t unintentionally create a mistake if he assaulted an underage girl, he fully commited a felony. And if you truly consider that each one adult men have built this sort of “mistake”, which I don’t, then there’s a simple response. Vote for girls.