Roadshow: Gas tax “myth” draws disbelievers

Q: Possessing read your piece within the “myth” of diverted fuel taxes, you will be definitely not value adhering to! What a schmuck you will be! By-eee!

Scott Bowhay

A: Schmuck? I have been referred to as even worse, though describing the parable that gas tax cash have already been diverted away from transportation work did anger lots of visitors who believe normally.

Q: Lies! … You are a sucker for those who consider the 12-cent-a-gallon tax on gas will take care of our roadways. …

Gary’s naive and unquestioning religion in his friends at MTC, Caltrans, et al, is actually eye-watering.

I think he should be reassigned to Pravda, in which he’d in shape suitable in.

Phil Ng, Chuck Barton and plenty of additional

A: But one zinger did bruise my feelings.

Q: Gary, go back to Indiana. Prevent pushing the gasoline tax.

Guillame Senta

A: Now that hurts. I’m from Iowa!

Q: The topic from the new fuel tax came up with a buddy when we have been speaking about existing road conditions. I want to generally be positive I have an understanding of:

Basically, the original taxes on gasoline sales were being not exclusively enacted to restore roads but went in to the Normal Fund. But later, when the financial system was flush (particularly for the duration of the bubble), under sure state price range problems a part of the funds created from this tax was indeed diverted to transportation.

Nevertheless, those people selected disorders disappeared (bubble burst) along with the transfer was finished because of the Legislature when our price range tanked.

Carla Neumann
San Jose

A: Yep, which plan ongoing in the event the Great Economic downturn adopted. It had been all legal but rankles many citizens. A L. a. Times poll disclosed that fifty four p.c say they’d vote to repeal the tax, but a further poll by backers states most Californians need to continue to keep it.

Anything else?

Q: In case you will help me realize, what’s up with our inability to take care of the roads? I’d take pleasure in it.

Carla Neumann

A: First, substantially of our road technique is 50-70 years previous. 2nd, the previous gasoline tax permitted in 1994 has depreciated about 50 p.c over the past 23 years. 3rd, most transportation actions (county sales taxes) have long gone for development instead of routine maintenance (Highway 85, Interstate 880 and Highway four). Also, we’re recovering mileage and also the level of popularity of electric automobiles and hybrids suggests much less income as our populace grows and grows.

Q: What promise can we have this $54 billion in excess of another 10 years will choose our transportation demands?

Mark Ramos

A: Voters will likely be requested to vote on the statewide ballot proposition in 2018 to solidify new profits protections into our condition structure to make sure this new funding is expended on transportation assignments only.