Roadshow: Highway 101-Willow Road to be slow drive for six months


Q: What the hell goes on for the Willow Highway overpass at Highway 101 in Menlo Park? Caltrans has really screwed it up. Previous Wednesday it took over one hour to go from Middlefield Road to that overpass. At times we didn’t go for seven minutes.

Bob Grey

A: Caltrans has reconfigured the interchange from a full-cloverleaf to your 50 percent cloverleaf. The new, temporary alignment will be in place for 6 months, but enable time beyond regulation as the new ramps have tighter turns and many with the connections that were at the time free-flow now have signals.

The re-routing of traffic is necessary to create space for crews to build the next stage. Work is predicted to wrap up over the $70 million interchange in another calendar year.

Q: Previous winter section of Skyline Road – Freeway 35 – washed out. Since then for any couple of hundred individuals the sole way to our properties would be to possibly go up and down Black Road or continue on south about the extremely slender, twisty and dangerous aspect of Skyline referred to as the Goat Path.

The Goat Trail has been closed for its possess repairs, leaving us with just one way in and out: Black Street.

Nevertheless, now the powers that be would like to shut Black Highway during the day. We think this is certainly unsafe and outrageous, and i speculate if with your connections into your different highway maintenance organizations you could help us out.

Bruce Whittaker
Las Cumbres

A: You will get a little aid. County engineers have shortened the closure on Black Highway from 8:thirty a.m. to 3 p.m. instead of five p.m. the remainder of this week as first planned. Mentioned Khoa-the-Traffic-Engineer: “Unfortunately, we are at a level the place the road should be shut to repair the pavement and drainage. The highway is not really wide ample to safely let vehicles to go through the development zone at this stage of design. … We’re moving expeditiously to re-open one-lane as soon as we can to relieve traffic problems.”

Q: Why is Central Avenue during the Los Gatos hills being prolonged through the property at the end of that street, and in to the Novitiate? It is been happening for quite a few months and now looks completed aside from paving.

Dick Gaskill
Los Gatos

A: There will be an unpaved gated street at this site to supply for crisis accessibility should or not it’s required.

Q: When will lane traces be painted on Lawrence Expressway? The road has been resurfaced but there are still no lanes painted. It is a free-for-all in existence.

Mary West
Los Gatos

A: Soon, maybe in another week if rains hold off.