Which Bay Area cities seize the spotlight in new network TV dramas?

Blake Lee as Josh Novak in 'Wisdom of the Crowd.' (Eddy Chen/CBS)

The new CBS drama “Wisdom of the Crowd” follows Jeffrey Tanner, a Bay Area tech billionaire who has sunk everything he has in the generation of a cutting-edge crowdsourced app that helps to solve crimes.

During the pilot episode, Tanner (Jeremy Piven) invitations police detective Tom Cavanaugh (Richard T. Jones) to check out the headquarters for his new endeavor. The cop is shocked to find himself in Oakland, of all sites.

“Oakland?” he claims, staring at Tanner. “I indicate, that’s a little ghetto for yourself, isn’t it?”

That line of dialogue undoubtedly provoked winces from the city’s chamber of commerce customers, but even they had to be relatively surprised. Tv viewers, right after all, are accustomed to seeing major network sequence set in L. a. or New York. As well as the few shows that do find their way towards the Bay Area nearly always go away their hearts in San Francisco. (See: “Full Residence,” “Party of five,” “Monk,” “Nash Bridges,” and so forth.).

But this season, two exhibits are set from the Bay Area and past the land of cable cars. Also to “Wisdom of your Group,” there is ABC’s “The Good Health care provider,” a medical drama starring Freddie Highmore that phone calls San Jose home.

Highmore plays Shaun Murphy, a brilliant young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome. He has remaining driving a quiet country lifetime to affix St. Bonaventure Healthcare facility during the Bay Area’s biggest city. (The clinic is fictional, not surprisingly.) There he takes advantage of his extraordinary medical gifts to avoid wasting lives and problem the by-the book notions of his colleagues.

“The Good Doctor” was produced by David Shore, the exact same man who gave us “House.” When developing his latest show, he quickly came to believe that San Jose was the perfect locale for his foremost man.

“Shaun can be a character who asks essential questions about our habits,” Shore states. “He’s curious about why we act the way we do. He’s not difficult, he’s curious – which, of course, has the effect of being hard.

“San Jose is basically the place the future is happening. It’s a place the place technology appears to be perfectly on its way to fixing all our problems, and people in some cases appear to believe they have the world figured out. What greater place to drop a personality who asks the most essential questions about our character and our humanity?”

As for “Wisdom from the Group,” govt producer Ted Humphrey tapped into both equally, his character’s way of thinking and also a extremely genuine Bay Area real estate pattern, to provide Tanner’s places of work – acknowledged as being the Hive – to Oakland.

“The determination to place The Hive in Oakland was about thinking as Jeffrey Tanner would think – reinventing himself and his company,” Humphrey claims. “His previous company, AllSourcer, is in Palo Alto within a traditional tech campus. He’s done that. But quite a few startups are relocating to Oakland for more cost-effective real estate as well as a hip ‘Brooklyn-on-the-West-Coast’ vibe. And that is what Tanner is executing as well.”

Alright, so there is a there there. But does Oakland carry everything particularly towards the tale that another town might not?

“There’s a grittiness there that speaks, once more, to your upstart character of what Tanner is executing,” Humphrey states. “The Hive is located in an previous canning plant, and also the industrial character on the place is often a large portion of our production design and the look and experience of our demonstrate.”

On the other hand, viewers should remember that a tad of Hollywood make-believe is at perform. Although they’re established during the Bay Area, each “The Good Doctor” and “Wisdom of your Crowd” are not essentially filmed right here. The previous is shot in Vancouver plus the latter on the CBS whole lot in Studio Metropolis.

Which is the way it typically performs. Apart from the exceptional exception, like, say, “Streets of San Francisco” or “Looking,” most Bay Area-set Television displays aren’t centered right here. They usually spend a couple of days filming a few exterior establishing pictures after which flee to complete the bulk of your work somewhere else. “Parenthood,” for instance, was set in Berkeley, nevertheless the show’s Braverman clan primarily frolicked at Universal Studios. And people nerdy bros from “Silicon Valley”? The Sony whole lot in Culver Town.

But why don’t you just established up shop in the Bay Area? Due to the fact filming below is ultra costly, in addition to normally a hassle for production crews. “Parenthood” star Peter Krause once recalled that, though shooting the show’s pilot, Berkeley residents have been “not incredibly receptive to possessing movie vehicles on their streets.” And when “Trauma,” a short-lived NBC medical collection, shut down a stretch of freeway in San Francisco to shoot a major tanker-trailer explosion, a producer talked of offended motorists offering him “the one-fingered salute and yelling, ‘Go back to Hollywood!’”

Interestingly adequate, the Netflix drama “13 Reasons Why” truly does movie on-location all over the Bay Area, and makes use of sound levels on Mare Island. But for applications of your present, the Bay Area doesn’t perform alone, in its place standing in for the story’s small fictional town.

Equally Shore and Humphrey say they hope to shoot occasional scenes in the Bay Area, schedules and budget allowing. Meanwhile, they consider to blend some nearby taste into their scripts if the tales simply call for it. By way of example, a modern episode of “The Good Doctor” had two frantic people transporting a liver from San Francisco to San Jose and fretting over the traffic gridlock on I-280. (We can relate!) And “Wisdom of the Crowd” features a brainy computer whiz who did her grad work at Stanford. (Cal students unquestionably will demand equal time.)

Some of that flavor may even contain our neighborhood groups, as both equally producers claim for being fervent sports devotees. Shore says he “definitely needs” to fall a shout-out for the Sharks into his present. Humphrey identified that he already provides a reference towards the NBA winner Warriors in at least just one episode – even though it damage to carry out so.

“I was born and elevated in Northeast Ohio,” he states, “and I’m a diehard Cleveland Cavaliers supporter.”